Looking for Window Glass Replacement?

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We guarantee our service and provide you with energy efficient windows all while adding beauty and value to your home.  Our specialty is professionally installing windows with certified technicians at a competitive price!

Signs indicating it may be time to look at window glass replacement:

  • Drafts: If you feel cold drafts in the winter or a warm draft in the summer.  This is a clear sign your windows may need to be window glass replacement repaired or replaced.
  • Candle flame flickering:  If you have drafty windows your candle flames will flicker, clear sign your windows are due to be replaced!
  • Condensation or Foggy windows: If your windows become foggy or have condensation it could be as simple as resealing them, but it could be outdated windows that are in need of a replacement.  Either way Cheaper window glass can take care of the problem!

Cheaper Window Glass, Inc. is a family owned and operated company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction!  Our professionals only sell the finest glass products available and preform every repair or installation with the utmost respect and care.

We preform expert window glass replacement.  We change out old frames with new energy-efficient windows and hardware.

  • Hardware including handles and locks
  • Single pane window
  • Repairs or replacements
  • Dual pane windows.


We make our own in-shop shade and sunscreens.  We offer a wide variety of colors of sunscreens and frames.  Having a sunscreen can help lower your energy consumption from air-conditioning.  They also add comfort to your home by limiting the sunlight that enters your home!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so confident in our ability to do your window glass replacement that we stand behind what we do.

Ask us about our satisfaction guarantee and let us show you why we are the best window glass replacement Phoenix has to offer!