Cheaper Window Glass Plate Glass

Accidents happen and not only between 9-5.

That’s why Cheaper Window Glass has 24 hour emergency service.

If your plate glass window is shattered in the night, you want to secure your business, or home as quickly as possible.


Cheaper Window glass offers commercial plate glass repair, as well as many commercial glass services!

We offer a variety of repair and specialty glass options.

  • Food service applications: sneeze guards, sliding drive-up windows.
  • Doors and entryways: Commercial and residential glass & decorative glass.
  • Restrooms: Mirrors and entryway glass
  • Lobby & Conference Rooms: glass and mirror, glass table tops & decorative glass.
  • Replacement Frames for sliding glass
  • Apartments, Condos & Townhouses
  • Remodel: Windows for commercial & housing, low maintenance glass, energy efficient windows & tinted windows.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We sell only the finest doors and door products available.

Every installation is done with the utmost of care and respect. Quality installation done at the lowest price possible. We at Cheaper Window Glass prides ourselves in providing the best customer service possible!

You don’t want just any window or door.  You want beautiful, stylish as well as functional.  You want trouble free years of enjoyment with windows and doors that operate easily.  Show off your homes style with new doors & windows.

We give you the freedom to change sizes, combine doors with windows, add a grid configuration or side-lite windows that will wow even a patio entry way.

So many options such as;

  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Shower Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors

Beautiful glass doors open up a room and lets the outside light in, making your room seem bigger.  Patio doors are space-saving and affordable.  A hinged door requires swing room taking away from floor space.  A patio door does not take away any floor space letting you enjoy the scenery outdoors.

We are family owned and operated and completely dedicated to customer satisfaction!